The Shopping experience

I am very particular in what I like and don't like.  I like very clean lines, no bedazzling and a little bit of color would be nice. 
First Trip to David's Bridal
I made a trip with 3 of my BMs to David's to actually pick out their dresses before one of them moved and they all (including my mom) insisted that I try on dresses, so I did.  However, the sales lady was MIA for the most part and the dresses she pulled weren't really ones I liked.  The trip opened my eyes to the fact that I do not like big puffy ballgowns.  I walked away not really liking any of the dresses.  If I go back to David's I am going to ask that I can just pull my own dresses and that the attendant just check up on me every now and then.  The picture is of the dress that I liked the best.  I put a purple sash over all the bedazzling.
I Do Bridal
I had an appointment on a Saturday, first thing in the morning.  I pulled lots of different types of dresses just to keep my mind open.  I found out that I don't even really like a-line dresses, they are still too puffy.  I also had a problem in that I couldn't get a lot of the dresses over the girls.  This was very disappointing because they were all the dresses that I like lot.  I am not going to buy a dress I can't try on...that is just silly.  I did find one dress that I really liked and can't really get out of mind.  They do not allow pictures to be taken at the boutique so the images is the stock photo from Maggie Sottero's website.  The dress is sterling - per the website.
The Wedding Bell
By far this has been the best customer service experience I have had in any industry in a very long - if ever.  The girls were amazing and made me feel beautiful.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I found the dress.  I found parts of dresses that I liked, but to have the dress - it would cost way more than what I was aiming for.  The two below are the ones I loved the best.


+ I love the top – twisted straps with just a little bedazzling. The deep v accentuates the girls.
+ (in my size) I will have a defined waste causing a slimmer look
+ I felt very comfortable, even sitting
+ Great fabric
+ Price is extremely reasonable and exactly what I was looking for ($350!!)
-/+ Not a very long train/can add another yard of fabric for additional fee ($175)
- the flow of the skirt was not as pretty as #2.
- the rooshing (kind of hard to see in the pic) is very thick thus would need a thick sash (I really want a colored sash) or something of the sort.


+ I LOVED the flow of skirt. It was very flattering and felt more elegant than the first
+ I liked the contrast in fabric – lace and chiffon
+ The sash looked great on the dress
+ Has a pretty decent train already, no additional fabric needed
+ This dress over all felt more like a wedding dress - I always have felt uncomfortable in strapless dresses, like I need to keep pulling it up, even if I don’t.
- Adding straps to this dress would be difficult ask due to the material - - (any suggestions here would be helpful!!) **note: the designer said they would created the dress with a halter - for $250 more)
- The price is higher (more than $1000), and will require a lot more alterations to make me comfortable in the strapless department if I don't have them create in a halter to begin with which would put the price at over $1200 anyway.

All That Shimmers
I found a beautiful dress.  It looked nice on me,  The lace was amazing and fit me really well, even in a size too small.  It was the first dress that felt like wedding dress.  But there was something that just wasn't "the one" about it.  I think it was that the lace pattern looked like roses and my flowers are calla lilies.  But it totally changed my mind on what I wanted in a wedding dress.

Shoes...a girl's best friend.

Is it sad that I found the shoes before the dress?  I don't think so since I'm a shoe-a-holic. 

I ordered them from  Upon trying them on and walking around my office at work for a bit, one of the heels completely broke off.  I was pretty upset.  I called them - they told me to throw them away and they would overnight me a new pair!  Fantastic.  I did not throw them out - as I wanted to make sure I got the new pair first.  I received an email the next day from said that they regret that they can not send out a new pair as the whole batch is of poor quality.  They refunded my money and gave me a $30 gift certificate toward another pair of shoes for the inconvenience - - this is the best customer service!  I am so thankful that I saved the broken shoes as they have yet to be remanufactured and sold - anywhere.  I took them to a cobbler who fixed the heel and double checked the other one.  I am super exited to have gotten my shoes for less than $20.  They are really comfortable and super snazzy the picture does NOT do them justice.